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2 years ago • 6 min read time

Jim Kaveney is the CEO of Volt Power, a leading provider of overhead and underground utility services. Maestral developed a solution that made it easier to consolidate data from multiple departments.

2 years ago • 8 min read time

Recently, I received a request to test an app’s responsiveness with a constant load of several thousand concurrent users. Out of nowhere, a simple open-source load testing tool caught my attention — k6.

3 years ago • 5 min read time

Security aspects of software development require a close attention from the very beginning of the development life cycle – actually, from the very first contact with your stakeholders. In any…

4 years ago • 5 min read time

Over a year ago we embarked on an exciting journey with Virgil Holdings. Virgil takes great pride in being the largest community of hospitality talent at 5.7 million members and growing….

4 years ago • 3 min read time

HCareers the largest hospitality recruitment and career platform in North America Virgil Holdings Inc. owns and operates HCareers, the world s most comprehensive career navigation, and recruiting platform. The HCareers…

4 years ago • 8 min read time

Known as “the dark art”, software estimation torments everyone across different industries. There s no way around estimation, and there is no escaping it. In software development, things tend to…

4 years ago • 5 min read time

Retaining clients might be the only thing more challenging than obtaining them. Doing so in an ever-evolving, fast-paced environment such as the IT industry, makes this a “heavy category” mission….

5 years ago • 4 min read time

Here s the truth about software development industry: technology alone is not enough and it never will be. Yes, writing clear and readable programs is important, but designing, writing, testing, and…

5 years ago • 7 min read time

Beginner s guide for setting up your first Solidity smart contract. When I realized all the possibilities blockchain provides, I immediately wanted to create something. So I decided to work…