API Integrations

Build and deliver applications faster than ever with Apigee

With Apigee you have acquired the much-needed agility for driving channel-specific user experiences. This ensures your growing software portfolio is not just a complex maze of connected spaghetti, but rather a set of technology products that can be easily leveraged to create new value scenarios.

You are in a perfect position to seize opportunities to innovate and open new revenue channels. Your success in harnessing this potential depends on the company’s ability to quickly create seamless customer value scenarios. We have 15 years of experience in doing just that designing and developing innovative User Scenarios in a cost-effective and agile way.

Maestral is a trusted team driven by Technology Expertise, Process Excellence, and Relentless Focus on User Experience. We are devoted to:

  • designing new, and managing and securing existing API endpoints; analytics included
  • building headless apps on top of Apigee APIs, designed by us (new APIs) or otherwise (existing APIs)

We can take you exactly to where your customers want to interact with you, while ensuring they have the experience you always wanted them to have. And better.

Bring all your applications together with MuleSoft

Forward-thinking companies of today are taking advantage of an abundance of solutions that allow them to move faster and better answer customers demands. What organizations rarely consider is the chaos that too many disconnected systems create. MuleSoft AnyPoint platform can centralize data access and connect both cloud and on-premise applications over API endpoints. These connections dramatically increase your product value proposition. We at Maestral have the Mulesoft know-how coupled with the needed product development expertise to make bespoke systems and client applications work together seamlessly.

Maestral Product Development, UX, and Data Science firepower, coupled with the strength of MuleSoft Anypoint, is the winning combination allowing you to:

  • optimize the customer journey and experience
  • integrate legacy systems with new technologies
  • ensure you capitalize on innovative competitive-advantage applications
  • enable access to more insightful customer analytics, and
  • drive digital transformation initiatives
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