Startup Enablement

Experience a Frictionless Startup Journey

Maestral’s Startup Enablement Team acts as a trusted partner, providing startups and scaleups with advisory services, technical leadership, and full software development service, resulting in a scalable, robust, market-validated product.

Early Insights

Validate your concept and develop a journey map to help you define the next steps and position your solution to investors.

Proof of Concept

Gain a better understanding of your product’s benefits and drawbacks, as well as the time required to make an impact on the market.

Product Market Fit

Transform your business strategy and grow your market position. Find out how your product fits the market place.

Startup Development Phases

1-day Workshop on Design Thinking

Start your business off right with a one-day intensive workshop designed to help you reassess your problem framing, clearly define your unique value proposition and stand ready to enter the competitive marketplace.

10-day workshop on Product Design

Rethink your prototype in order to shape your business. This workshop delves deep into your users’ current and future journey and outlines solution requirements.

A Venture Building Partnership That Generates Lasting Success

New ventures require a lot of time, talent and technical expertise to compete with market leaders. Maestral is equipped to rapidly validate, refine and build innovative ventures.

As your Venture Builder Partner, Maestral assesses and minimizes the risk and leads the product development strategy and development.



Startup Enablement

We can do amazing digital things, together.

Meet us in Amsterdam

We value community and hope to empower it through expert talks on what we know best – Artificial Intelligence and Startup Product Development. The Amsterdam meetup seeks to inspire and engage the Amsterdam tech community while also showcasing our best practices in data science and artificial intelligence.

December 15th, 2021 at 6pm
The Jack, B.3 Johan Huizingalaan 400

Topics and speakers

Cracking the nut of AI product Market Fit / Vladimir Nedović

AI Product Management at a fast-growing global Startup / Megan

AI Product Development in practice / Ibrahim Muzaferija

Maestral Solutions Startup Enablement / Sanin Saračević

Who can apply

Engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, product managers, and students in the domain of Artificial intelligence, local startups, community builders.


Open mind and collaborative approach.

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