AI Solutions

Turn your AI dreams into real-life solutions.

Maestral’s AI experts will help your organization become more AI-driven, with unparalleled support in assessing your current capabilities, sharpening your AI strategy, uncovering opportunities, and creating an actionable roadmap.

AI maturity scan

To begin your AI journey, it’s important to know how ready your business is to take on innovative AI initiatives – your AI maturity level.

Find out where you stand on the AI maturity scale by completing a short survey.

Take the survey here

Following the survey, one of Maestral’s AI experts will be in touch. You will have the opportunity to receive a low-cost/high-value one-page general assessment, including a SWOT analysis on the state of your business.

Based on where you stand, a tailored support system will guide you to the next step in your journey to ground-breaking AI products, should you wish to engage with us.

What comes next?

Whether you choose to move on through to Development with Maestral is entirely up to you; you do not need to opt for both. And if your idea is already crystallized, our team is there to lead you through developing it into the product you’ve envisioned.


Create a clear picture of what you want your product to look like and create a roadmap to making it happen through an architecture blueprint, storyboards, and mockups. The insights gained at this stage will provide a basis for the next steps of your product journey.


In collaboration with the AI team at Maestral, you will establish a core development team. Once you have shaped your product vision, Maestral’s AI experts will guide you in developing it into a trailblazing AI-backed product.

As your partner, we drive the complete software development cycle, and our specialized squads of AI engineers, data scientists, designers and developers will work together with you to maximize the potential of your AI product.

Real-World Example: Enhanced Product Features


Coinis, a leading traffic monetization platform for affiliates, publishers, and advertising networks, sought to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Using existing datasets and machine learning, Maestral constructed a custom state-of-the-art model of reinforced machine learning that reduces response time to less than 350 milliseconds.

Within 15 weeks, Maestral team built a powerful solution that:

30% savings achieved

Can handle a billion requests per day

Reduced response time under 2 milliseconds

Uses past knowledge to make real-time decisions

Traffic Monetization Platform Case Study

A leading traffic monetization platform sought to increase their campaign output, and as a result, their revenue. Maestral built a powerful solution with features that improved response time, allowed the client to handle over a billion requests per day, and provided a reliable platform, significantly improving output rates and achieving savings.

Let’s step into the world of AI together.

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