Consumers are embracing digital healthcare at a rapid pace, bringing digital products to the forefront of the healthcare industry.

Digital products at the forefront of the Healthcare Industry

Consumers are actively looking for healthcare providers who can offer an enhanced experience through technology. With more confidence in digital tools and the need for a personalized experience, digital healthcare organizations are compelled to continually upgrade their product to match users expectations.

The pressure around delivering high-performing digital health solutions will continue to rise as more than 75% of all patients plan to use eHealth in the future. With so many people managing their health by relying on digital services, a product’s bold architecture and user design become increasingly important in attracting and retaining users.

Maestral is focused on providing powerful UX design that ensures patients experience truly personalized digital care and delivering HIPAA-compliant software that empowers healthcare professionals to do their job efficiently.




Treat your users with a seamless experience, every time

Your platform should be designed to effortlessly support spikes in user load. We leverage cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, and GCP) to provide seamless scalability while maintaining the quality of the end-user experience.

We combine our software development proficiency with knowledge of what is important in eHealthcare services to build solutions that:

  • are easy to navigate by both patients and healthcare providers
  • allow quick and secure access to information, anytime and anywhere
  • manage data in compliance with HIPAA
  • delight users by performing well and glitch-free
  • allow seamless and prompt communication flow
  • drive collaboration between staff members
  • integrate with other solutions such as CRMs to manage patient data and outcomes

Our Work

Here’s a sample of the products we’ve built in the eHealthcare sphere.

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