Cloud Managed Services

Get The Most Out of Amazon Web Services With Maestral

Migrating off of legacy infrastructures can be a complex and intimidating decision, but it’s also the best decision a business can make.

Our cloud-native mindset experts provide powerful cloud infrastructure services and can guide your entire cloud strategy.

Some of our favourite AWS benefits:


No risk when calculating computing needs

Pay only for the resources in active use

Scale up and down based on need

Flexibility for greater growth


By utilizing our capabilities you will be able to migrate, build, deploy,
and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS easily. We got you.

Maestral AWS Professional Services Include:

Infrastructure and application migration to AWS from literally anywhere,

including your internal data center or another public cloud provider.

Deployment of new infrastructure and applications on AWS.

Application development of resilient cloud applications at scale.

Cloud infrastructure automation using the latest, top-shelf tools.

Cloud security, governance, and compliance following proven best practices.

Our AWS Competencies Can (Quite Literally) Transform Your Business

We can ensure your business adopts cloud technology seamlessly and runs IT services optimally. Don’t hold off on utilizing our competencies.


As an organization, we have fully adopted the DevOps philosophy and culture. Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment are a standard part of our engagements.


Bulletproof security practices and processes are a result of tight collaboration between our security and operations teams. You can rest assured your security is never compromised.


Move away from dependency on legacy systems and eliminate infrastructure management tasks such as server provisioning, scaling, or capacity provisioning.

Microsoft Workloads

Migrating Windows servers and .NET applications on AWS is easy with the right team by your side. Experience our simplified approach to running Microsoft workloads effectively.

Amazon RDS

By leveraging Amazon RDS we are ready to support a variety of database engines and help you with database management tasks, such as migration, backup, recovery, and patching.

Leverage AWS for Building Machine Learning and IoT Solutions


We are also experienced in developing machine learning models and IoT solutions that confidently leverage the power of cloud technologies. Sophisticated machine learning models and IoT solutions need to delve into vast quantities of both structured and unstructured data. Cloud computing emerges as an obvious choice for enabling these solutions since cloud platforms allow for cost-effective storage of ever-growing collections of data coming from a large number of disparate sources. Cloud platforms offer flexibility to easily scale up and down based on your product’s requirements.

We can do amazing digital things, together.

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We’d love to hear your ideas and discuss
your cloud-enablement strategy.

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