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Are you ready to take part in setting a historic milestone for a software development company?

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Maestral is an acclaimed community of software experts with hubs and clients worldwide. We're on a mission to set up new development hubs across Europe.

Join us now and lead the way!

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We have spent the last 15+ years developing software for clients ranging from fledgling startups to Fortune 10 companies.

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In that time, we've built strong foundations based on:


Trust as the main currency


Cross-functional autonomous teams


A very healthy work-life balance


Open communication with top management


Transparency at all levels

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People First

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Culture of Trust

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Passion for Growth

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Culture of

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Passion for

These principles are at the core of all we do.

Solid proof? Our retention rate is 97.56%!

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Maestral is more than just a job listing on Linkedin. We’re a highly productive crew that has each other’s back, always.

No micromanagement. No administrative overkill.

Quick facts for the road

people strong

30 active

Experts in business
solutions, product
development, client
applications, data
science, cloud and
API integrations

Average client
tenure: 3+ years,
with projects lasting
8+ years

Agile at heart



Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka(BiH)


Romania(in progress)

What’s in it for you?

  • Remote position with full-time engagement
  • Opportunity to work in other Maestral hubs
  • You get an important say in how we position Maestral in your country
  • Complete trust from day one
  • Competitive salary package
  • Award-winning working environment
  • Specialized internal knowledge sharing units
  • Technical vacation for acquiring new skills
  • Full technical certification support
  • Rotation list for when (and if) you want to change the projects after awhile
  • In-house wellbeing counselor and English coach
  • In-house accelerator for bringing community ideas to life
  • Numerous personalized opportunities for career growth

Become an essential part of our core team around which we’ll form a local community.

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By joining us now, you get to make an epic difference for both Maestral and your career.

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Learn more about how we’re organized and what the open positions entail.
We’re looking forward to your application!

If you’re not ready to apply just yet but would like to get in touch with us and have a casual chat, we’re game.


Play a role in a story that will be told for years.

Meet our CTO

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