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The mobile platform is the operating system that portable devices such as Smartphones and tablets run from. As the capabilities of mobile platforms, including Android and Windows Phone, continues to exponentially expand, the demand for new mobile applications increases with it. More and more brands, companies and even small businesses and entrepreneurs are attempting to tap into this vibrant mobile application industry. They are actively reaching out to software development companies to design and deploy mobile applications to increase their internal efficiencies or promote their brand to the general public, effectively taking advantage of the lucrative benefits associated with creating a popular, relevant mobile app. And, on the client side, users no longer feel tethered to their desktop computers, they expect to be able to pick up their internet search, banking transfer, calorie tracker, YouTube video or email through their tablet or Smartphone applications anytime, anywhere.

It s evident that in this competitive mobile application environment, your application needs to not only meet your needs and budget but also stand out and make a difference for your users. So when you are looking for a mobile app development company to bring your mobile app idea to life, choose a software development company, such as Maestral Solutions, that specializes in mobile application development. We have ample experience with the process and frameworks used to develop and deploy mobile applications that are responsive, scalable, sustainable and ultimately successful. Considering the diverse variety of mobile devices, user groups, and networks, the development of mobile applications can seem daunting.

What is the right platform for your custom mobile application? How can you make your app work for various operating systems and stay within your budget? Are you questioning should I develop my app for android? Or should I develop it for iOS? Or both?
Maestral Solutions Atlanta mobile app developers work together with our clients to create custom mobile applications from ideation through to deployment, integration and continued maintenance (such as updates and upgrades to keep in line with the latest mobile platforms including Android, iOS & Windows Phone).
We start by helping our clients determine the purpose of their custom mobile application; what will your app do? Who will your app serve? What is the budget for your mobile app?

After determining your requirements, we can break down the information and provide you with straightforward options. We then can focus on identifying the best mobile app solution for your needs: native mobile app, hybrid app, web app or possibly a cross-platform application. From there, we create a visual representation of the mobile application through storyboards and wireframes. We finish by finalizing the single or various user interfaces and start coding and programming on frameworks such as HTLM5, CSS3, Angular, Backbone.js, Ember.js, Knockout.js, Java and Phonegap. When you work with our Atlanta software development company, the development of mobile apps moves from daunting to achievable.

Contact us today to start building your custom mobile application.

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