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Cross-Platform Software Development – Serving Clients in Atlanta, Georgia and Around The World

More and more clients are trying to reach a wide base of users on various types of devices running completely different operating systems. The best way to satisfy this need is developing a cross-platform application. Cross-platforms applications (or multi-platform applications) are mobile applications that are designed to run on various hardware and software platforms. Building a custom mobile application just once, which reaches many, is an ideal solution for major stakeholders and it is what the Atlanta app developers at Maestral Solutions do best. When choosing the best cross-platform application development approach for your needs you have a few things to consider: What platforms are you trying to build for? Android, iOS, Windows8, Kindle Fire? How many platforms are you trying to reach? What is your budget? The Atlanta custom software experts at Maestral Solutions will spend time consulting with you discussing your requirements, asking you these questions and more to help determine the best custom software solution for your needs.

So why not just build a bunch of Native Apps?

Well, you always have the option of building several Native Apps, which are applications built specifically for a given operating system, like iOS. The benefits are you will be developing custom software that will mirror the UI of the operating system and you ll be able to take advantage of the technologies existing in that device. The downside to building a native app is that your code bases will not be shared so basically you will have to develop a brand new app for each platform you want to reach. This can be time consuming and expensive, however it is the most effective approach if you are looking to satisfy the UI expectations of your users. If building a custom application that is affordable and quickly completed is your priority and meeting the users UI expectations is second to that, then a cross-platform app will likely serve you best.

Below you will find brief descriptions of a couple of cross-platform application options: The first option is to build an HTML5 application, which is hosted on the web and known as a mobile web application. A benefit to this type of custom mobile application is that you can build once and deploy to many. Since it is hosted on the web, it can be accessed from any platform; this is clearly the most time and cost efficient. A con to building a web application is that you will not be giving your users the look and feel of their device s UI or the UE they may be expecting. However, if you would like to try and give them a more native experience you can wrap the HTML5 web application in something like Phonegap, which will give the application the illusion of being a native app. This would add a little more cost and development time but it is still an efficient way to reach all platforms while still maintaining a native feel. Or you could go the in between route, instead of a full HTML web application or a full cross-platform application.

This type of mobile application is called a hybrid application. Using a designing framework like C#, our Atlanta custom software developers can design an application for a specific platform and then reuse some of the code for the next platform. While this will take longer than designing in HTML5 once for many platforms, the benefit is that the application is still very much native when it is complete. It is still time and cost-effective and also, meets the end user s UE expectations.

Contact Maestral Solutions today to learn more about our custom mobile app design and development options. We will take the time to learn about your business plan and help you to choose a mobile application development plan that fits best and helps you meet your end goal.

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