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Atlanta Georgia Custom Web App Development

A custom web application is the perfect interface for reaching many customers, clients or staff over various platforms (Microsoft.NET, iOS, Mobile or Cloud); the final user simply accesses the custom web app through their Internet browser, no matter the device they are on. While the finished product is an easily accessible, super effective and appealing UX designed web app, the process of getting there is intricate and complicated. But don’t let this deter you from bringing your app dreams to reality. Maestral Solutions, an experienced Atlanta custom app development company, brings all the app development knowledge and expertize that you need to the table. If you have the ideas, we can bring them to life.

Even if your ideas are just in the infancy stage, we can help develop them, create a high quality UI design, present it to you in a storyboard layout and then, once you are satisfied with the concepts, start coding. Our Atlanta app developers live on the cutting edge and have embraced technologies such as C#, AngularJS, ASP.NET, HTML, React, PHP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, JSON, jQuery, jQueryMobile, Bootstrap, Node.js, Backbone, front-end MVC/MVP frameworks and many more, enabling us to create amazing digital experiences for our clients..

One of the development models we like to use is Scrum, a process in which several engineers collaborate on a custom design. This process relies on daily communication and the understanding that as the program progresses either the developers and or clients may notice possible modifications to enhance the application ultimately creating a finished product that surpasses initial expectations. We prove out the final design using various techniques including HTML validation, accessibility and usability to ensure that all aspects of the web application are functioning as expected.

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What we do

Product development

We specialize in rapid prototyping, which leads to quicker releases that are scalable and secure.

UX design

We deliver a delightful user experience and interfaces with less clicks and less taps.

Product sustainment

We support and maintain existing products with fixes and enhancements.


We serve as knowledgeable guides when transitioning to a DevOps organization.