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Access to Expert Technical Knowledge & Experience in Custom App Development from Atlanta, Georgia App Experts

Maestral Solutions, an Atlanta based custom software and mobile application development company, offers our clients expert technical knowledge in UX design, Client Front-End (UI) development, and back end programming. We can expand your teams capacity by providing custom outsourcing software development options or we can enhance your software development team s experience and understanding by providing you access to our expert technical knowledge in custom app development. Our Atlanta app developers have experience in frameworks ranging from Ruby on Rails and C# to Javascript and everything in between.

CSS / MVC Front-End Frameworks

With the great variety of front-end frameworks to choose from, there may come a time when a specific framework may suit your project but you don t have the internal knowledge and experience to build out the new custom mobile application utilizing the best framework. The selection of a front-end or client-side framework depends greatly on the requirements of the application project and while many front-end frameworks overlap with regard to features, they each still have their own individual attractions. The expert app developers at Maestral Solutions can help you identify which framework best suits your project and will collaborate with your team during mobile application design and development or we can do the designing, developing and testing for you. Two of the most popular CSS / MVC front-end frameworks we work within (but are not limited to) include angular.js (Javascript) and bootstrap.

Web Application Frameworks

Building a custom web application using a web application framework is generally the preferred method for companies that are short on time and money. But by doing this you are often sacrificing the user experience that would typically be enhanced if you had chosen to develop a native mobile application for each platform (Android, iOS, Microsoft). This is a decision companies are faced with every time they begin their new custom mobile application development project. The expert UX designers and developers at one of Atlanta s best software development companies are here to alleviate the need for the decision.

You need your application developed for many platforms and devices but you need it done quickly and within budget. Maestral Solutions talented, experienced app developers and affordable prices can help you achieve that goal. Our software developers are experienced in building web applications straight out of HTML or using web application frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or open source frameworks like react.js and ASP.NET, then wrapping them in a framework like Phonegap which allows you to keep the same base code by adjusting the UX and UI to fit into the specific platforms your custom mobile application will be deployed on.

Programming Languages

In today s technical marketplace, you will find users dedicated to specific platforms. For whatever reason, the aesthetic appeal, usability, accessibility or simply the cost, operating systems have struck up a loyal support base. If you are in the IT industry, it s critical that your staff is versed on several of the operating systems from iOS and Android to Microsoft and more. Maestral Solutions design and app development experts are trained in programming languages including (but not limited to) Swift, C# and Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and .Net for Microsoft. We are a certified Microsoft.Net solutions provider so we have been trained on Azure Custom Cloud Service, .NET MVC and MVVM Application Development and Web Service WCF by representatives from Microsoft. If you are looking for us to develop in database frameworks, some of the frameworks we specialize in include (but are not limited to) SQL, noSQL, MongoDB, Postgres. We are a well-rounded, solid software and mobile application development company qualified to assist in existing development or develop new custom mobile, web, native and hybrid applications.

Then contact us to start working on your new custom web, mobile or hybrid application.

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