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Open Source Software Development Services – Serving Clients in Atlanta, Georgia and Around The World

Maestral Solutions understands that it is not always realistic for our clients to develop software code from scratch, which is why we invite you to take advantage of our Atlanta software company s exemplary open source software development services. Maestral Solutions recognizes that a primary advantage of utilizing open source software is user software control, so in response, we developed an open source development team who are experts in open source project management and coding. Our qualified software developers have unparalleled expertise in open source server technologies including Apache, MySQL/PHP (WAMI/LAMP), NoSQL, Couch DB, MongoDB and Adobe Flex. Without question, our client s can rest assured that they are outsourcing this valuable open software control to an experienced and reliable Atlanta software company.

Why entrust Maestral Solutions as your open source software company? Our Atlanta software company offers the greatest breadth and depth of open source customization. We can take any piece of the above mentioned open source server technologies and completely customize each one to meet our client s specifications. You name it; we can add, remove or tweak any aspect of the open source software to meet you expectations. Open source technology is also advantageous due to its fundamental flexibility. Typically, open source software does not require rigid software upgrades to maintain exceptional operability.

Instead, these open source server technologies allow consistent functionality on older versions. Maestral Solutions open source software development team separates themselves from competition due to our ability to identify the appropriate time to upgrade open source software. This valuable skill enables our client s to reduce time, cost and resources while enabling the optimal open source functionality. The benefit of utilizing Maestral Solutions open source software developers expands beyond our company walls. We recognize and understand that the most current open source knowledge is vital to servicing our clients. That is why we continue to develop a network of experienced open source software professionals. By fostering this network, we can ensure that we stay abreast of new open source developments enabling us to meet any of our client s needs.

Contact us today to get more information about our open source software development services.

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