What Makes People Stay?

Amila Avduki─ç

5 Things We Do to Ensure High Employee Retention and Satisfaction

As people, teams and companies too often we seem to get caught up in overthinking, overanalyzing and overcomplicating things that if kept simple are much more effective. Meals, tasks, relationships, benefits, can all become a trap if we think that more is better and forget to answer the WHY we are doing it. We need to take a step back and understand that more is not always better.

At Maestral Solutions, where I hold a lead role in Human Potential department, we understand this better than most. The why is integrated deeply into our every move.

We know that the software development industry (our forte) is rarely only the industry of products, but more often the business of relationships.

There are no secret strategies really, but simple and effective basics incorporated in daily routine enabling us to build and maintain a cohesive, strong, satisfied team ready to take on any challenge.

Here are the basics what we do in 5 steps:

1. Build a Healthy Company Culture

We are highly aware of the competitiveness of the IT industry and the fact that most companies offer their team members a variety of benefits; flexible working hours, remote work, team building events, high compensation etc.

All these seem fairly easy to match and are almost expected in the IT industry. What makes Maestral different, is the awareness that what keeps people in one place for a long time are the relationships they build with each other and the company. We are proud of building a healthy and honest company culture where hard work, dedication and perseverance are valued beyond numbers.

By enabling each and every team member to voice their opinion through regular reviews, honest feedback and encouragement, we have succeeded in building an environment people enjoy being in, which in turn increases the overall productivity and enables success.

2. Ensure Technical Expertise

When asked about the best and worst aspect of being part of the IT industry most people express the very same thought: its ever changing nature. Coping with the changes in technology and set up, requires technical expertise that is undoubtedly part of our daily routine. People enjoy learning from and with each other. By ensuring we have some of the best people on our team, we provide the opportunity for growth while simultaneously ensuring high quality work and output.

3. Provide Onboarding and Support

Being new in any kind of environment is challenging and at times scary. True support and assistance throughout the whole adjustment process and as long as the employee is with the company is what most companies lack. Ongoing engagement from both sides yields results. Always. No exception.

An open door policy, mentorship programs and a structured onboarding system for new team members ensures that people feel secure and appreciated, which in turn makes them stay with for a long time.

4. Provide Internal Education & Growth

The previously mentioned dynamics of the IT industry requires the ability to adjust and embrace new challenges and opportunities. By truly utilizing the in-house expertise and organizing internal education in form of courses, presentations, and focus group discussions, we provide people the opportunity to evolve and grow in various areas of their professional and personal lives.

In addition to providing courses in the newest technologies, we should also work on personal growth by having a psychologist on the team, whose primary responsibility is to provide coaching in leadership, interpersonal skills, self-confidence, time management and so on.

5. Allow Internal Role Shifting

Cohesive, strong and honest relationships with eachother are the basic condition for success. At Maestral we allow internal role shifting (developers becoming Product Owners, QA s becoming developers etc). We sincerely believe in the strength of long lasting relationships as a condition required to enable both the success of individuals and companies.

People who are comfortable with each other and trust each other, are more likely to be brave enough to leave their comfort zones and seek new, better ways of doing business, in that sense ensuring the company s success while at the same time prospering as individuals. So rather than having our team members seek opportunities elsewhere, we provide the possibility to entirely switch roles within our company. In this way, people stay with us longer, build trust and encouragement, and meet the very first condition for success.

If you are striving for improved business and happier teammates who stay with you for a long time, focus on building healthy relationships and environment; improve the trust, provide assistance and support and make starting over a possibility. It will pay off.

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