Creating a Path to Sustainable Growth Built Around Our People

Maestral Solutions

When people come first, everything else falls easily into place.

This mentality is what helped us build Maestral’s culture and nurture it throughout the years. It’s reflected in our core values: People First, Culture of Trust, and Passion for Growth. Each one centers around maximizing every individual’s potential and providing a healthy space in which to work.

It’s because of this focus on people that we’re closing in on our 12th year of business at a rapid rate of growth.

Recognition of Maestral’s values

This year, Maestral won the “People” award in the large companies’ category at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Pioneers Awards, highlighting the work we have done in the last decade or so in creating a people-focused culture.

As a nominee in the mid-size category four years running, this achievement is doubly special to us in the year we also achieved large company status. It’s a testament to the fact that growth doesn’t mean a departure from caring for your people first.

The “People” Award goes out to companies that take an exemplary stance towards employees and clients, as well as continuously create and promote decent jobs as an equal opportunity employer, contribute to the betterment of the local economy, and actively reduce their environmental impact.

We were also named one of B&H’s fastest-growing companies by Poslovne novine, as well as best IT company in the region in the “Best from B&H in Europe” category by Euromanager magazine and the European Association of Managers.

What’s more, our COO, Mersed Čamdžić, received an award for Best Manager in the same category. His leadership and devotion to Maestral’s people are just one part of what makes us one of the best in the country and the region. The rest can be attributed to our culture and thriving community.

A talented and growing community

We’ve hit an exciting milestone of 300+ people on the team recently, ranging from juniors to seasoned professionals. Even more exciting is that our 300th employee is also our youngest! The first of many from the new generation, we hope.

As we continue to grow and bring on more people, we have had the opportunity to get to meet and talk to many talented people all over B&H, and we’re sure we’ll be seeing many of them around the office soon enough.

We’re lucky to be part of such a dynamic industry where the talent pool is wide and varied. Many young men and women have chosen a career in IT, and we are glad to be able to provide opportunities at the very start of their careers.

Professional advancement and education

We at Maestral take a proactive approach to education.

This year, we officially introduced both our internship program and the Junior Accelerator Program (JAP) to provide real-world job experience and education to young people and fledgling IT professionals.

The internship is aimed at 3rd or 4th year university students and allows them to spend time in one of our hubs to get a feel for what it’s like to work in a fast-paced and engaging environment as part of a software development company.

The Junior Accelerator Program is more advanced but sets the stage for a career in several possible tracks. This program is ideal for those who already have some experience in, for example, software development or quality assurance, but need to advance their knowledge in order to begin working. It’s a hands-on program, so attendees get the full on-the-job experience. Upon completion, attendees have the opportunity to interview and join the Maestral team.

Of course, continuing education of all our people is of the highest priority as well. Many of our people have received multiple certifications, and some are currently going through certification processes for various fields of study.

Not to mention that we have several active practice groups, where teams and individuals can share the knowledge they’ve gained through projects, conferences, and personal experiences with one another.

Continuing on our path

The road to sustainable and scalable growth is never-ending. Creating a decent place to work means always taking into consideration what your people need in order to do their job well and feel content. A large part of that is offering educational opportunities and career advancement options, challenges that help them push their boundaries and become better.

The awards we’ve received are both a testament to our dedication to our people and a motivator to continue revisiting our approach, making adjustments whenever they’re needed for the greatest benefit to all.

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