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Correlating IT & Business Strategy For Effective Software Deployment to Marketplace Faster Software & Mobile Application Development

When software development and business strategy go hand in hand, the success of a business is limitless. A profitable business strategy usually consists of a quality product at a fair price quickly processed through the software development stage and deployed in the business marketplace. Often though, the software development department becomes inundated with ongoing, delayed and late custom application projects causing them to loose sight of the ultimate business strategy. When your software development team is overwhelmed by their workload, their focus becomes what they know best, which is designing and building custom hybrid, web and mobile apps, sometimes at the expense of fair price and speed to market. Time is money and the more time you spend developing a quality custom software product, the more expensive the product becomes, in addition to delaying software deployment, resulting in lost sales.

The Atlanta based software project managers at Maestral Solutions provide product development help, making sure to align IT & marketing departments, assisting in the creation of new businesses opportunities for your company. Never losing sight of a successful business strategy, we can even assist with your digital marketing tactics.

Using collaborative technology planning approach, Maestral Solutions aid our clients in creating measurable objectives, which includes infrastructure for technology, integration of technology, development to software deployment, and making sure to align with web marketing objectives. Our expert technology consultants have designed a strategic approach to successful web & mobile application product development that always incorporates an effective business strategy.

We refer to this strategic approach as Project Development Best Practices. Some of the elements include (but are not limited to):

  • Speed-to-market (development to deployment schedule)
  • Development cost (directly related to speed-to-market)
  • High quality, reliable, responsive web & mobile applications
  • Fair product cost
  • Service, maintenance and upgrades (through services such as SAAS bases solutions)


Using our Project Development Best Practices and following standard software product development best practices such as:


Maestral Solution s Atlanta based software developers and project managers can help your company boost profitability, promote productivity and increase customer satisfaction through more efficient and reliable hybrid, mobile and web applications that ensures alignment between IT and business goals.

Contact us today so that we can start building your new custom web or mobile application that is sure to satisfy both IT and marketing goals.

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