Revitalize Failing Projects with Maestral Solutions Project Recovery Programs

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Revitalize Failing Projects Using Maestral Solutions Project Recovery Technology Solutions

Troubled or failing custom software development projects and missed deadlines could end up costing your company millions of dollars in a given fiscal year. Unfortunately, there are several factors that could contribute to a custom mobile and web application project being at risk of failure. Some such circumstances include:

  • Lack of a sound technology plan and available resources
  • Mobile, web or hybrid application requirements are not clearly defined
  • Lack of effective project management
  • Tight & often unrealistic marketing timelines
  • Existing software development team has not delivered a satisfactory product.

If a custom mobile application project in is need of project recovery and no corrective action is taken, you will likely be facing one of the following outcomes:

  • Project completion misses the deadline costing your company time and money
  • Project costs go over budget
  • Quality is unacceptable
  • Internal normally effective teams become overwhelmed and frustrated
  • Customers are unsatisfied


Is your internal IT and custom software development staff overwhelmed, losing sight of your ultimate business strategy and missing deadlines? Is trying to reach your tight marketing timelines becoming unrealistic? Do you have a custom mobile and web application project that has been delayed and is on the verge of going over budget?
Maestral Solutions, an Atlanta based mobile, and web app development company will work with your internal staff to help recover troubled or failing software projects. By enhancing and expanding your team capacity with access to expert technical knowledge and experience in mobile application frameworks such as Objective-C, C#, Javascript, Phonegap and HTML, we can provide software product development direction and training. We can also pick up your failing mobile and web app projects, take the necessary corrective actions and quickly turn it around using effective outsourced software development best practices.

At Maestral Solutions, our mobile and web app developers are improving software development daily by staying on the leading edge of software research, web application development trends including mobile first and software development methodologies such as Distributed Agile. Our collaborative training efforts encourage the transmission of knowledge throughout our company and also to our clients. We effectively partner with our clients to correlate IT & business strategy and deliver successful, often unparallel solutions for all your mobile and web application development needs.

Contact us today to help recover a software project that may be in danger of failing. We will work with you to bring your custom web, mobile or hybrid application development project back on line and ideally within budget.

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