AWS x Maestral: 5 Years of Successful Partnership

Maestral Solutions

As a Product Development-as-a-Service provider, Maestral strives to consistently add value to our business partnerships. One of the ways we ensure excellence is by partnering with key industry giants that help us create unique and tailored solutions for our clients. One such industry giant, and one of the biggest cloud providers in the world, is AWS (Amazon Web Services). This year, after 5 years of fruitful partnership, we are proud to have achieved AWS Advanced Partner status. 

The Road to Success

Our journey with AWS started in 2017 when we first became part of the AWS Partner Network, quickly fulfilling all the requirements to become an AWS Select Partner by 2018. Partners in the Select Tier are not only characterized by having a certain amount of trained and certified individuals on the team, but by showcasing their customer experience as well. 

As a certified AWS Advanced Partner, Maestral met stringent criteria on both the technical and business fronts. For one, we launched 20 different engagement tracks, with new clients and as additional software development solutions for existing ones.  

These engagements are already bringing value to clients, even those in the early stages. We know this because we have received 40 client reviews along the way. 

Results Matter 

All we do is backed by the expertise of our people, and we bolstered that further by ensuring further AWS certifications. Our project managers have all received their AWS business certifications. Not only that, but we currently have 32 accredited individuals within the business, many of whom have earned multiple certifications. 

This includes a DevOps Professional, a Solution Architect Professional, and a Security Specialist, as well as:  

  • 25 Technical Certifications 
  • 25 Business Certifications
  • 14 AWS Foundational Certified Individuals
  • 9 AWS Technical Certified Individuals
  • 4 AWS Technical Certified Individuals Pro or Specialty

None of this would have been possible without the concentrated efforts of multiple departments across the business. The Business Development, Marketing, Product Management, Tech, and IT teams all worked towards the common goal of achieving the next stage of our AWS Partnership. 

Advanced Partner: New Opportunities Unlocked

We also bolstered the client experience by developing an agile process with our project managers. This led to further improvements in communication—a vital aspect of any project team. Without effective communication, the road to successful implementation is a much harder one.  

Being an Advanced Partner, we are recommended to major leaders in a variety of industries, all seeking PDaaS solutions. Having the expertise of optimizing the use of AWS tools and platforms, Maestral acts as a technical adviser and is often invited to provide technical assessments for stakeholders at various stages of their product development process.  

Just in the last year, we launched upwards of 20 different opportunities. We currently work with 9 separate clients as an AWS Partner, many of which have several tracks. 

One of these engagements encompasses many AWS services, the most crucial of which is the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service. The client, a leading specialist in large-format motion pictures, sought ground-breaking improvements on already existing platform architecture, as well as a cloud solution for more efficient rendering of digital video content. The result: high scalability and seamless processing of thousands of files within a few hours. This particular architecture underwent review by Amazon’s AWS architects, who assessed it as excellent. 

What’s Next?

Our work doesn’t stop there. Sustaining AWS Advanced Partner status requires us to keep doing what we do best: continually improving and bringing in new and exciting opportunities, creating added value to our teams and engagements, and sharing what we have learned with wider audiences. 

The next step is becoming a Premier Partner. In terms of certifications, we’re well on our way there. In the time to come, we will continue providing unparalleled support and innovative software solutions to clients. Not just for the sake of the status, but because it is in our nature to always be better than we were the day before. 

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