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Many companies find it challenging to effectively leverage the benefits of cloud computing platform providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Maestral can be your guide to properly architecting solutions for the cloud.
We can create a technical design and an implementation plan to enable your existing on-premise applications to benefit from underlying cloud services.

Data is transforming the business landscape, but complexity and volume can make it difficult to extract value. Knowledge and insights extracted from large datasets can help businesses make informed decisions and help companies win in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.
Data Science can help uncover patterns obscured by the noise of large datasets.

Whether you need an MVP, a next-generation solution or upgraded features on your existing platform, a team of certified Maestral specialists can jump right on it. Our extensive experience in building and handling sophisticated software ensures highly beneficial engagements.

Client applications are the front-line interface of software platforms. They allow users to unlock the value of complex back-end systems. We’ve spent years mastering the craft of designing and building frictionless digital experiences. Maestral Agile Squads are fully focused on building fast, secure and reliable client applications that easily interact with multiple back-end systems and APIs.