Custom Software Development

We have solid custom software development experience in creating anything from small widgets to large enterprise class web apps. We are service-focused, device centric, and a mobile-first responsive design development shop. We have invested a lot of energy in making efficient, scalable web, hybrid and native mobile applications.

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Mobile App Development

As a custom software development company, we specialize in building native, hybrid and web applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, smartphones and tablets.

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Web App Development

Our seamless solutions and UX design for HTML5 web apps utilize modern DevOps practices, tools and principles to maximize value, minimize time-to-market to successfully deliver software that meets user expectations around availability, performance, and pace of change. We believe in "develop once, deploy to many" approach while always focusing on UX first.

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 We Are Skilled

At Maestral Solutions we employ bright custom software developers and designers with a high level of skill in a wide variety of application development frameworks & tools across several platforms.

 We Are Experienced

Our extensive experience customizing software solutions makes us ideal for developing custom software to fit your needs.

 We Are Educated

Maestral Solutions custom app engineers and designers are highly educated and participate in ongoing training and seminars to help expand their knowledge and skill.

 We Are Creative

Maestral Solutions is a place of creativity, packed with fresh ideas that are constantly explored and improved using DevOps tools, practices and principles to help serve our clients' needs.